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A chickadee poem for the holidays: Buy 5, get one free//that's a good deal for a chickadee!
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Bedtime stories
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Who knew that chickadees were party birds, fun-loving and frisky as flying puppies?  If you love beauty, the natural world, tickled tummies and family snuggles, then take flight into the whimsical world of Chickadees At Night.

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NESTAMONIALS:         " me of
    Dr. Seuss." 
                        Scott Hall, National Public Radio

“Ten minutes of bedtime magic.” – Parent

"Absolutely delightful." - Ron Jolly, Radio Personality

"WOW!  What love and joy you have lavished on this creation! It is WAY beyond my expectations." - John Robert Williams, Traverse City photographer and Wizard of Whimsy

Simply – it’s the best independent children’s book I’ve seen in my four years as chief buyer.” – Becky Curtis, Books & Books, Miami, named one of “Top 20” independent book stores in America
“Do chickadees really burp?” – Child
“We love this book.”  Willard Williams, Owner, Toadstool Books, the largest independent chain in New Hampshire
“I like it more each time we read it together.” - Parent
“Two wings WAY up.”  Mike O'Connor, Owner, Bird Watcher’s General Store, Cape Cod
“I like the hide-and-seek page.  I found a cat too.” - Child
“It’s got a permanent nest on our bookshelf.” – Parent
“Love those Nuggets, but I think the story will draw more kids towards nature than a thousand facts.”  – Sleeping Bear Dunes Park Ranger
 “…great for storytelling.  I liked reading it almost as much as my grandson liked listening.” - Grandparent
“Gorgeous illustrations…I loved the final page – the beauty, the changes, the message.” - Parent